framing, framing, framing

Much to my own surprise, I have quite a lot of shows coming up. First is the one at the Libation Station (opening party this Saturday!), then juried shows in Stanwood and Mountlake Terrace, a Food-as-Art themed show in Seattle (more info as I get it), and then Ristretto Cafe in November. This means I have had to go back into framing overdrive. Fortunately we’ve managed to clear enough space in the basement workroom for me to have some work surfaces, so I don’t need to be working on the guest room floor like I was before. Someday we hope to move all the lumber out of there, which will be even better. I’m still learning my way around my mat cutter, but I think I’m making good progress.

For more information on my upcoming shows, check out my website and Facebook page.

One thought on “framing, framing, framing

  1. Debbie Aldrich says:

    Enjoyed the opening last night at Libation Station in Mount Vernon. I’m happy that it will be up for a month so I can go look again!

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