framing, framing, framing

Much to my own surprise, I have quite a lot of shows coming up. First is the one at the Libation Station (opening party this Saturday!), then juried shows in Stanwood and Mountlake Terrace, a Food-as-Art themed show in Seattle (more info as I get it), and then Ristretto Cafe in November. This means I have had to go back into framing overdrive. Fortunately we’ve managed to clear enough space in the basement workroom for me to have some work surfaces, so I don’t need to be working on the guest room floor like I was before. Someday we hope to move all the lumber out of there, which will be even better. I’m still learning my way around my mat cutter, but I think I’m making good progress.

For more information on my upcoming shows, check out my website and Facebook page.


One thought on “framing, framing, framing

  1. Enjoyed the opening last night at Libation Station in Mount Vernon. I’m happy that it will be up for a month so I can go look again!

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