best of Skagit


A couple of weeks ago, right before I left for a trip, I spent a day running around Skagit County taking photographs for the Cascadia Weekly‘s Best of Skagit issue. They had just gotten the voting results in, so it was all very last minute. The Weekly ran several photos for the article, plus one of my old tulip photos for the cover, and I wrote a piece on the Chow page as well, so I felt very well represented. Here are some of my favorite images from the ones I shot for that issue.

Skagit River Brewery

Loved this shot of bartender Sam Ward at Skagit River Brewery.

Good Vibes tattoo shop

There weren’t any tattoo artists available for a photoshoot when I stopped by Good Vibes, so I contented myself with their alley art.


I was happy to have an excuse to shoot the tap lineup at our favorite beer hangout, The Porterhouse Pub.

Lucky Dumpster

Lucky Dumpster owner Jessica Bonin obligingly posed for me. Such a great shop, and she has awesome tattoos.

Smith Vallee Gallery

The Smith & Vallee Gallery in Edison. It’s in an old schoolhouse and has incredible light.

Edison Inn

The Old Edison Inn, another favorite stop of ours. They make the most astonishing fresh potato chips.

Skagit Co-op

Deli case at the Skagit Valley Co-op.

Calico Cupboard

Pastries at the Calico Cupboard (which my mother-in-law always refers to as “the calorie cupboard, for good reason).

in the alley

And maybe my favorite shot from the whole day, which I got mostly by accident as I was walking from the Brewery down to the Lincoln.

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