drive-by shooting

When we road trip down to California, I tend to spend a lot of time shooting photos through the car windows – not the best way to shoot, but it’s surprising how well some of the images turn out. One of these years maybe we’ll allow enough time to actually get out of the car and walk around a bit.

I’m always a little surprised but just how fascinated I am by wind farms. The machines are so surreal, like aliens on our high remote ridges, or an invading army. I love trying to capture some of that otherworldly quality. (If you want to see even more photos from the trip, you can check out my Flickr set)

wind farm

wind farm

desert hills

wind farm

dry ridge

in the distance

Shasta and Shastina


grass lake

rolling hills

Lake Shasta

clouds building

Lake Klamath

sunrise through smoke

Rogue Valley sunrise

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