One day during a recent spell of sunny but unpleasantly cold weather, I bundled up and wandered down to the Bellingham waterfront with my camera. The old Georgia Pacific paper mill site is not particularly attractive, but the vast expanse of pavement creates some interesting puddles, and I love the glimpse of the shining bay beyond the old buildings.



paper mill

broken windows

in the harbor

5 thoughts on “puddles

  1. NeuronTree says:

    These are beautiful!
    I love the old GP site. I hear they’ve got plans for it, which makes me sad. It’s a kind of nostalgic location, both my parents worked there my entire life, they met there, and so on. I took my boyfriend to that site for our first date (well, outside the fence anywhere) and we keep plotting how to get in. I’ll be sad when it’s all gone.

    1. Jessamyn says:

      I know how that feels to have the landscapes of your past change and disappear. I was reading about some the of B’ham waterfront plans, that’s partly why I went down there to take pictures. Abandoned spaces have such a strange look and feel, especially in the middle of an otherwise vibrant city.

      1. Jessamyn says:

        Oh, I didn’t! Sorry to be disappointing, but I was just standing on the sidewalk on Chestnut shooting down and across, and my camera’s resolution is good enough that I could crop in on particular parts of the image. No breaking and entering required.

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