4 thoughts on “welcome

  1. JLN says:

    Nice format – the neutral color of the page background really shows the images well. And the banana image makes a nice play on the website subtitle. Intentional, I assume?

    1. Jessamyn says:

      Actually, it wasn’t – I realized the connection afterwards! And the background is supposed to change to match the image tones, we’ll see how it develops.

  2. rdustin says:

    This is fun… so many blogs. I only have two… I may have to make amends. I prefer this format much better than flickr and you’ve been practicin’. Great stuff.


    1. Jessamyn says:

      Hey, thanks! I keep looking for the best way to show what I’m working on. Flickr is nice as a storage site and general photo community, but I also like to be able to feature particular images. Let me know if you have any suggestions as to template/content.

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