working hard

This quarter I’ve been taking Digital Photography II at Photographic Center Northwest. It’s very different than the course I took last fall, very heavily focused on fine art photography. We’re particularly supposed to work on balance, tension, emotional impact, context…all stuff I find very difficult to think about when I’m making an image. Good practice for me, anyway.

The image above was one I did for our “props” assignment. The drink is, sadly, water with food coloring in it, and the ingredients behind would make  very odd cocktail if combined, but I love the colors and sense of movement in the shot. Like many of my photos, I’m liking it more the longer I live with it. I often hate my images right after I take them – does that happen to anyone else?

One thought on “working hard

  1. JLN says:

    Well, as advertised, the background does seem to be changing to suit the pictures. As for the ingredients there, I dunno…they wouldn’t be that bad together. Gin, Campari, and lemon juice go really well together (in the Jasmine). If you put a little splash of Chartreuse for an herbal hit, and relegate the orange merely to garnish-status, it might not be bad. Granted, an orange twist is probably not the garnish I would choose. And it would be prettier if you used yellow Chartreuse instead of green. Might be worth the experiment, though…

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