feeling sidetracked

I’ve been so busy lately – working my day job, keeping up on food blog posts, framing work for my upcoming show – that I’m not actually taking very many pictures. If you follow my Flickr stream, you may notice a preponderance of food, drink and cat pictures, those being the things I encounter regularly without leaving the house 🙂

In the meantime, I’ve been on the lookout for places to post some of my older material. The picture I’ve posted here is a shot I took at the rim of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, where hot steam billows up through the trees and flowers. I recently submitted this to Sunset magazine’s Flickr group, for their “National Parks” back page. They may not take it, but it’s fun for me to go back through my old photos and see what I still like. Not to mention daydreaming about Hawaii.

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