golden chard

You hear a lot about “the golden hour” in photography – that moment in the day when the sun is getting low but not quite setting, and the sunlight takes on a brilliant golden cast that makes everything look magical for just a few fleeting minutes. A few days ago I happened to look out the kitchen window at just the right moment and saw the bolting chard plants on the deck glowing in the last sunbeams. I grabbed my macro lens and got myself out there pronto.

2 thoughts on “golden chard

  1. Coyote says:

    Gorgeous! You seem a lot like me inasmuch as I see almost everything little thing as a potential photo op. I pretty much look at the world as if I’m seeing it through a viewfinder. Kinda funny, actually.

    1. Jessamyn says:

      Yes, I pretty much do that, too. I’ll often take the camera out into the garden on a day when there doesn’t seem to be much going on, and challenge myself to find a really good image – it’s just a matter of looking!

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