cows, barns and hubs

I spent last month working on three different projects for Grow Northwest magazine, all of which are now out in the June issue. I interviewed Jo Wolfe at the Skagit County Historical Museum and drove around following the heritage barn map that she helped put together. I visited a raw milk dairy and got licked by baby cows. Finally, I spoke with both the director of the Puget Sound Food Hub and the owners of Bow Hill Blueberry Farm, which acts as one of the distribution hubs for the network. Man, I live in a great area! Here are some favorite photos from the month.

Austin Becker, Harley Soltes and Susan Soltes by Jessamyn Tuttle


Jim Sinnema of Old Silvana Creamery by Jessamyn Tuttle

Heifer at Old Silvana Creamery by Jessamyn Tuttle



O.J. Rucker Barn by Jessamyn Tuttle (2)



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