So we just got back from our annual road trip down the west coast and back, and I decided to amuse myself on the drive by taking photos of the various bridges we went over (or under, or past), from the Astoria-Megler Bridge over the Columbia to the Golden Gate, with all the little stream crossings down the Oregon Coast in between. Bridges are cool.

3Q3A88993Q3A8894 3Q3A8918 3Q3A8924 3Q3A8941 3Q3A8943 3Q3A8945 3Q3A8999 3Q3A9005 3Q3A9040 2014-06-18 18.33.393Q3A90713Q3A9051 3Q3A9078 3Q3A9083 3Q3A9086 3Q3A9131 3Q3A9164 3Q3A9166 3Q3A9243 3Q3A9246 3Q3A9247 3Q3A9251 3Q3A9252 3Q3A9253 3Q3A9259 3Q3A9272

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