flower farms

This month’s issue of Grow Northwest includes an article I wrote about the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market, a cooperative of flower farmers from around the northwest. I visited four different flower farms: Jello Mold, Everyday Flowers, Choice Bulb, and Triple Wren. Everyone was wonderful to talk with, and the coolers full of sweet peas and peonies were just amazing. I only wish I’d been able to write a longer piece! Here are some of the photos I took at the various farms.

3Q3A8743 3Q3A8744 3Q3A8748 3Q3A8754 3Q3A8756 3Q3A8850 3Q3A8851 3Q3A8858 3Q3A8864 3Q3A8870 3Q3A8871 3Q3A8876 3Q3A8879 3Q3A8884 3Q3A8885

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