down the coast

A few more photos from our recent road trip. Water, fog, sunshine and redwoods on the way down, desert hills and high mountains on the way back. Lots of pictures of Mount Shasta, because it’s such a lovely mountain, and a few photos where I was amusing myself with multiple exposures – you should be able to guess which ones.

3Q3A8912 3Q3A8913 3Q3A8914 2014-06-18 16.07.262014-06-18 16.07.173Q3A8958 3Q3A8959 3Q3A8965 3Q3A8983 3Q3A8989 3Q3A8995 3Q3A9022 3Q3A9035 3Q3A9079 3Q3A9103 3Q3A9107 3Q3A9112 3Q3A91162014-06-21 07.48.00 3Q3A9142 3Q3A9145 3Q3A9148 3Q3A9150 3Q3A9182 3Q3A9183 3Q3A9184 3Q3A9187 3Q3A9194 3Q3A9197 3Q3A9208 3Q3A9217 3Q3A9219

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